Sunday, July 20, 2008

yummy yum.....

so our new digs still smell like fresh paint and new carpet.
a great smell (don't get us wrong) however we are due for a change!

to remedy that lingering new store aroma (and to satisfy our own selfish candle jones) we have a few fabulous yummy yummy candle lines on the way!!

first to arrive will be Archipelago
(one of denise's all time favorite lines.)
scents from fruity to spicy to herbal to warm! oh we just can't wait!

we also have Pacifica candles due in soon.
a fantastic and local nw soy candle company. They too offer fresh, take me away scents.

so next time you drop in, take a whiff and enjoy our new store candle scents (so much nicer than new paint and carpet scents!)

***bonus: join our candle club...for every candle you purchase get a stamp. after 6 candle stamps take 50% off any candle of your choice!!


Dapoppins said...


McCarty said...

How fun to have candles, too.

Anonymous said...

Ohh....positano is the best. I hope you got that one. It's a top seller at my shop! Well..they are ALL good. Great call on candle lines! Amy @ Poppy & Ivy

Anonymous said...

Candles! A teriffic addition! Now we can craft even during a blackout!!


Anonymous said...

Candles! What a great cool addition! Now, we can craft during a blackout!!