Thursday, October 16, 2008

30 days

so how are we progressing with our 30 days journals???

To keep a diary is to attempt a difficult literary form. Its effectiveness is likely to derive from a special blend of honesty and appetite for life that gives the power to record everyday happenings while magically freeing them from banality and triviality. William Plomer

Making the time to take those inspiring, happy shots when you see them??

Jotting down your thoughts, ideas??

I am not keeping up daily : ( ....but am taking time to snap shots when inspiration calls and look forward to cataloging my photos and journaling the meaning in my spiffy journal!!

( and I will! I really will!)

The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the
photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking - and looking.
Brooks Atkinson

I chatted with a friend & fellow journaler today. It was inspiring to share our experience thus far. She caught an amazing photo of rain drenched spider webs from her bedroom window at first light and a gorgeous Autumn skyline. Beautiful! We mused of the it makes you plan (want to plan!) and dream of that next shot. How it makes you actually STOP and take that photo. It will probably never be again.

If you haven't started your journaling adventure just worries....start next month, start tomorrow, start right now, whenever...but do definitely start! It is truly an endearing endeavor.

...and what fun we will have swapping stories, gathering new insight and sharing daily joys with one another.

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