Friday, February 27, 2009

randomness is good....

we received very random treasures today!!
check it out...

bling...always good!
lovely colored and nicely priced bling...even better!
these bling borders come in multiple sized gems in fabulous hues. self adhesive perfect to cut apart for small lines of impact on titles and book covers. make frames around anything and everything or connect along the entire border of a page. nifty!

typewriter keys...a tough treasure to find! however we are always on the look out and scooped these up to share! think; book & page titles, jewelry pieces, altered art creations and the like.

1.5" book rings are a hot commodity! our local officey stores carry 1"..not quite big enough...or 2", way too big. The perfect size?? 1.5". Tough to find indeed. So we just ordered in 500!!
1.5" is the perfect size for acrylic clear view books, chipboard creations and our ever popular flip calendars!! time to stock up!

keys, keys, keys...mystery keys! attach with philosophy tags or word tokens to relay a whimsical message...and at only .25 each you can add a touch of whimsy to every project!

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