Wednesday, November 11, 2009

troop notes

"troop notes" starts today, Veteran's Day.
what is troop notes you ask...please read on for all the info about this program that we are so excited to be participating in!!

we are making and collecting cards for our troops overseas. typical card gathering groups make cards to send as greetings to our troops...we are approaching this in a little different way.
we are sending cards for the soldiers to use themselves, to write letters, send notes and greetings home to family and friends. supplies are very limited for our soldiers overseas, we hope to gather 1000s of cards, providing our American heroes some holiday joy and ease in communicating with loved ones back home.
so, please, if you can take a moment today**, drop in to make a card...drop off cards or purchase a card to send to a soldier.
thank you for your support!!

**(please note: we are launching this program on Veteran's Day, however we will gather cards up until Thanksgiving).

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