Friday, April 11, 2008

i love these....

...truly cute tickets, bingo cards and other paper embellishments.
the colors are very versatile; so easy to mix and match in with almost any collection!
perfect little "final touches"!!

this baby line is precious.
i seem to have a hard time with baby stuff...hard to find cute..without being too cute...or too ugly...or too sappy...but this line i found very adorable. kinda classic with the toile and polka dot paper design, soft colors, unique ribbon. very cute...(but not too cute)

this is just a FUN little collection. vivid colors, very multi-purpose and multiple age range!

with all this new inspiration around me i have been creating up a storm! new ideas and projects are everywhere!
come see us soon!

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Rock Rawsome said...

The opening pics of your store are warm and welcoming. A place that's great to create!