Saturday, April 5, 2008

paper towers anyone???

ok. seriously. this very and most unfortunately is my dining room. yes, in my HOME.
no. it does not usually look like this.
the move has taken its toll. I have piles and boxes and stuff EVERYWHERE!
just wish I had piles and boxes of TIME to organize it all.

ok, the GOOD news.....
we ended up with a few EXTRA paper towers.

we have 3 wooden towers and 3 black wire towers.
if you are interested in acquiring a paper tower for your very own dining room (or much more appropriately your scrap or craft room) let us know.
(each tower has 30 paper slots, all are for 12x12 paper. wooden towers are $150, wire towers are $75). give us a call if you would like one!

making me smile...
get cuter. found these stinkin cute shots of Lucy while downloading my chic dining room makeover photos. couldn't resist sharing. cute puppies make messy piles and moving chaos seem not so bad! life is good!

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Anonymous said...

Lucy is soooooo sweet. love your blog, love your store, keep up the great work girl!!