Friday, June 5, 2009

computer issues almost resolved

we are so sorry for the lack of updates and info here on the blog as of late.
we encountered a BAD virus!
our computers are getting all cleaned up and we should be back up and running by Monday!! yippie!!!

until then...just a couple notes
**our 6th anniversary was a huge success. thanks to all who attended and continue to support arts & scraps. this economy and tough times are taking a toll on so many...we couldn't do this without all of you!!!
**the June schedule will get emailed out this weekend (sorry for the delay!) and will be posted here asap. (dang VIRUS!!!)
**we have the NEW Cosmo Cricket "early bird" line in!! (pics to come Monday)

that's is all for now...again we are SO SORRY for the delays in updates, pics, will all be over soon!
thanks for your patience!!!

have a great weekend!

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