Thursday, December 31, 2009

29 gifts workshop/challenge

join us for this unique, fun and personal growth challenge!
in our workshop offering we will create a book/journal to track our individual progress then come together after and share our experiences.
be a part of the arts & scraps challenge...we'll sign our group up on the 29gifts website and share our group experience ...there as well.
please visit for more info...then sign up for this workshop and share, grow and start 2010 with gratitude and giving! :)

date: january 30th
time: 11:30-2:00


Desiree de Monye said...

Is the Arts and Scraps group on 29gifts yet? I looked and I can't find anyone.... it's lonely out there. :)

dj said...

sorry desiree,
computer blues.
getting fixed up...
i'll be there soon!