Tuesday, December 22, 2009

spinner creations 2010

1/2- 11:30 to 1:30… spinner creations for 2010
our spinner series continues, but with a NEW twist. each monthly workshop will feature a themed 97% complete sticker sheet. our first set will feature the “Nest” sticker. the concept for our spinner this year is somewhat introspective, “all about me”ish….create a spinner that tells YOUR story. with the Nest theme this month you will be able to add photos, journaling and keepsakes telling the story of your home, your comforts...where you nest. fun huh!!? upcoming themes include; “wish” (relate all your dreams and wishes), “life” (share your unique life story), “remember”(favorite memories, people, times and the like)…..we will complete 12 themes all for you to fill-in and personalize. this time next year you’ll have a fabulous masterpiece of YOU! (or leave blank and give as a very special gift).
cost for this workshop: $65.00.=$40. spinner/$25. workshop.

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