Friday, March 21, 2008

moving out, moving in

oh my the deconstruction has begun! of course you all know we are not afraid of power tools...however Lynette seemed just a bit too enthusiastic with the drill last Saturday!!

We got our counter was then just a matter of getting it out the door.

The check mark theory worked! We got it out (in only 3 pieces!) ... on the road and into the new store. whew! We had a huge day Saturday, moving mostly all the "big stuff". It's really all coming together beautifully and we can't wait to open and share the NEW arts & scraps!!

Thanks to the entire Saturday moving crew. If you can believe it, we only had 1 fatality! (our poor, poor ribbon rack).
oh I forgot...maybe 2 fatalities....Jim's knee is also gone. (not move related the day before the move. Geez Jim if you didn't want to help us move all you had to do was say so!!)

Seriously, I hope Jim gets better soon, our crew was amazing, I am thrilled with our progress, the support from everyone out there has been phenomenal...I can't say thank you enough..thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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