Wednesday, March 26, 2008

season of change

Spring is here. Time for new beginnings and a fresh outlook.
Our move has been relatively sane. Only a handful of mini-dramas to handle.
(still waiting for the ceiling guy to fix the leak caused by the sign guy that
ruined the lighting and table top. Didn’t think I wanted a fountain in the
classroom….but it’s kind of a nice touch!)

We are right on target with our move in/move out dates.
Remember that our final day at the original location is this Saturday.
We will be closed Sunday and Monday, then open our new doors
Our April workshop schedule is set and classes are filling fast.
Check out our new calendar feature here on the blog for dates, times
and descriptions.
Grand Re-Opening details are in the works. Please join us for some super fun
projects, prizes and hoopla! (Saturday April 19th).
We can’t wait to get started in our fresh surroundings!

Happy Spring!

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Anonymous said...

remember to take time for YOU!