Monday, March 9, 2009

and the winner is.....

watch the exciting video to see who wins!!

congrats ______!!!
your prize awaits!
drop in any time...monday thru saturday 11-6.


Dapoppins said...

not me? IT WAS RIGGED! lol.

Actually, this is good for me...cause I was just by the store 2 weeks ago...and since I never leave empty handed...and since husband forbids that I visit more than once a month...(well. sorta

this is good. Congrats to the winner!

dj said...

well just keep your fingers crossed for next time! your husband will have to understand a visit due to winnings!!! ;)

Molly said...

I am so excited! I have had two hideously long days at work and have been too tired to even check my email- let alone do my blog hopping! I am so excited, I will be in tomorrow!!!