Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lil man all star accordion keepsake

add Cosmo Cricket's lil man collection plus a pair of adorable mini red Chuck Taylors and voila...oober cuteness! (and it's really easy...see simple how to's below)

what you need:
1. mini pair of sneakers
2. 4-5 Cosmo Cricket lil man double-sided background papers
3. 1 sheet of lil man elements
4. 1 package of lil man ribbons
5. linen tape
6. misc. brads, photo turns, staples, ribbon attachers, etc.
7. coordinating cardstock
8. atg adhesive

how to:
1. trace the bottom of the shoe onto patterned background papers. trace 6 left, and 6 right. cut out.
2. lay cut outs in a line making "pairs" as you lay them out. make sure your first pattern is a left shoe (to attach to the bottom of the right shoe).
3. attach line of shoes with linen tape.
4. fold accordion style.
5. attach first shoe pattern (a left shoe) to bottom of right shoe, then attach the last shoe pattern to the bottom of left shoe.
6. decorate as desired.

-makes a super cute little boy birthday book!
-make this a very special keepsake by using the otherside of the shoe patterns to track actual footprints as your toddler grows!! (stamp footprints with paint)
-change it up by using pink all-stars and the Girl Friday line for a darling girly version!

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