Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Binderie Punch..i think i'm in love!

ok...honestly, I wasn't so sure about this little red contraption. however...i relented and brought it home to play...well let me tell you, this thing is FABULOUS! I am sold! love it! love it! please read on....

Bind it in style! Who knew that bookbinding could be so easy? Bind your own books with the push of a button! Great for punching holes in book board, leather, all kinds of things! Battery operated to make it easy on your hands and to power through multiple layers of cardstock. -don't wait....place your order today!**

This little wonder can be used in so many ways! Perfectly punches just one hole (great for adding knobs to your covers) or several holes all neatly aligned in a row. It's simple...
Use the little arrow guides on the front of the punch as indicators for where the holes will be drilled. To punch one hole, make sure your project is only aligned with one of the arrows.

To punch a perfect row of several holes, use the clever built-in guide!

Punch your top set of holes then slip the hole guide up through the top hole and pull the arm guide out from the punch until it clicks once. Punch.
Pull the arm guide out until it clicks again. Punch.
Repeat as many time as necessary until you have as many holes as your
heart desires!

what I truly love about this tool is that measuring is so simple and straightforward. how many projects have you ruined by binding or punching the holes in the wrong place. (me...way too many!) with this tool the measuring guide is very easy to figure out and read! You know you are going to have the holes in the same spot, time after time...whew...what a relief! it's also easy on the hands (no pain). overall this is a divine binding aparatus I find myself turning to often!

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